Q1: What are the top 3 things you do to keep yourself focused and energized during a long work day?

A1: Exercise, healthy eating, and positivity.


Q2: How do you decide when to stop and take a break from work if you are already swamped?

A2: I usually try to take at least a few minutes in between each project, but that doesn't always happen. So when I feel my focus slipping, I do something small to re-energize, whether it's a non-related phone call, a walk, a snack, music... it depends on what type of energy drop I get.


Q3: Is it difficult to say “no” to people who request your help or your time?

A3: Definitely not, I try to choose my time wisely and have no problem saying "no" when I see the need to.


Q4: How do you make sure you never skip a meal?

A4: Haha, I don't. I have days I skip meals. Never on purpose but it does happen on occasion. However I usually have snacks on me or within reach. Whether it's just celery & hummus, fruit, granola bars, a good pressed juice. I am very resourceful and even more so when it comes to getting my hands on food, haha.


Q5: What do you do to de-stress?

A5: Run. I already run 4-6 days a week but if I am really stressed, I can make a whole day out of it. I won't get tired. The more I run, the more energized I get and that is actually when I can think the best, and often when I come up with some of my best ideas - for work and life.


Q6: What keeps you centered?

A6: My family. There is no doubt that my career is important to me but none of it matters if I do not have family or quality relationships.


Q7: How do you enjoy your vacations without being distracted by work?

A7: I have no problem tossing my phone if I am on vacation and feel like work is becoming a distraction. The last thing I want to do is pay for a vacation, have everything at home taken care of, and then get to my destination and not be present with the person or people that I am with. I am really big on living in the moment.


Q8: When do you compromise on family or work and when do you stand firm?

A8: I try to never compromise time with my family because tomorrow is never promised. However, it has happened and the only time I try to allow myself to do that is when the time I am compromising is short and the time I plan to make it up with is longer. I stand firm when it is a family gathering or when my niece or nephew ask me to come see them. They have me wrapped around their finger, haha. My toddler nephew has just casually asked me "can you come over?" and I dropped everything. With work, I don't mind compromising on that when I don't feel the passion with whom I am working with. Money is not the root for me, if the work is not fulfilling or the people are not passionate.. I can compromise no problem. I stand firm when I have made a firm commitment on a specific date for something. When I work with people that are just as passionate as I... compromise is the last option.


Q9: What is cause for regret and what is cause for celebration?

A9: I don't believe in regrets, everything happens for a reason. I believe in adjusting and letting things make you stronger. I believe celebrations are always necessary. I celebrate my life every day, I celebrate Sundays with brunch, haha.


Q10: Where do you find support in making a work-life balance possible?

A10: My family and good friends. I can go visit family and literally do nothing all day and have a great time because I just enjoy being around them. Same with good friends, they know that I am busy and don't take it personal if I have to take a raincheck or if I take a while to respond to their calls or text messages. I always make time for a social life because I feel like it's important, but things come up and I try to surround myself with people that are understanding of that.