ERIC N.     ★★★★★

Beverly Hills, CA


I put on a pretty large networking event for professionals in the restaurant and hotel industry and Lana help me get this event coordinated. It was a private event so no real marketing was needed, but distributing invites, getting sponsorship, and agenda scheduling was a breeze. I had a couple of consultations with Lana to let her know everything that I wanted and needed. After that she got everything done and just came back to me at the end to make sure I was happy. She helped me host the event for the whole night and I couldn't have been happier. She is very social but still kept professional and mingled the hall we hosted the event in. Great public speaking skills!!! I gotta say I have seen most women in flat shoes for these types of events from all of the running around and somehow she walked around in heels for over six hours without a problem, as a man I can say my feet were hurting her just watching, but I was very impressed. What most impressed however me is that she made sure to sit down with me and get all of the basics for the mission of the event so that she could answer almost any industry question that came her way. Definitely calling Lana again!


LINDSAY A.     ★★★★★

New York, NY


Lana, you rock my world! Fashion week social media coverage was taken to a whole new level for me and my team with you on set with us. You were so professional from start to finish, and when angry designers asking for you to be doing live coverage for their set, you know you are doing great work! I also had a couple of coordinators ask for you by name to return for future events. Most importantly, I love that you had no problem helping out wherever it was needed. Getting models in line, grabbing someone coffee, or even standing in for a model... you're there. Me and the whole team love you girl, YOU ROCK!


BRANDON E.     ★★★★★

San Diego, CA


Best grand opening party we've thrown in a while. We had a lot of the planning figured out by the time we found Lana so her main role was managing the event on the day of and social media throughout the night. Can you say killed it? I have been getting a lot of great feedback on how fluid everything was. Lana revised our planning because neither of us felt that the agenda was organized in the best way. Even if you have someone handling your event, I highly recommend Lana for social media coverage. Her broadcasting got every person at the event and not, engaged. We will definitely be reaching out to her for complete event planning and management in the near future.

Thanks Lana!!


ILENE T.     ★★★★★

Beverly Hills, CA


This girl is so sweet and cute but knows how to get what she wants. I had 3 other social media ambassadors working my gala and Lana was the only one able to get the CEO interview. For lack of a better word, she's an assassin in the PR world. My event would have been a complete disaster if we would not have gotten that interview. She flies under the radar and you can easily think she is not putting in any work and then BAM mission accomplished. After working with her a couple of times I see how she works and can now admire this trait about her, she is very humble and does not need to brag about her victories.


ALEXANDER P.     ★★★★★

Santa Monica, CA


Beautiful, successful, and very well-spoken! Lana comes on board to help us with media interviews and scheduling coordination for events and has even stepped in as a model when needed. One thing is for sure, Lana knows how to work a room! She was born to network and definitely knows how to stand out and network in a crowd. She is on her way to the top and fast!


KIMBERLY H.     ★★★★★

Roanoke Rapids, NC

I am super excited and thankful that my book was actually able to be delivered to Tamar Braxton. I was most satisfied with the payment plan so that I could pay for the service. I also appreciate the kindness and service that was provided to me in getting the job done since I do not live in California and I am experiencing financial difficulties at the moment.

KARLI S.     ★★★★★

Creston, BC


Very well done. Lana is very understanding and thoughtful, I would definitely recommend her. Her communication and organization is excellent! Shining a light on cancer is an awesome topic. It gives patients like myself a voice to be heard and I loved it. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of it.

PATRICIA F.     ★★★★★

Philadelphia, PA


Lana you communicated extremely well. Your questions were clear and you communicated the elaboration needed with an immediate response. You even shared wording proposals to make the interview answers understandable. Your approach is incredibly humble, and sensitive specifically for the topic. I felt honored. I was most satisfied with your concern about my feedback regarding the process and final editing. That you 100% allowed me to have a voice and asked for clarity than to assume anything I may have expressed that may have been hard to understand. There was not one thing I wasn't happy with! Keep pursuing your career in this industry! Your genuineness is felt, adored, and admired. It will give you many more opportunities and longevity. I'm looking forward to more from you and excited for you!

VANESSA G.     ★★★★★

Northridge, CA


I was blown away by Lana's insanely fast service. I needed a portfolio made for my cosmetology work and was having trouble making it look nice, I remembered I had Lana's card and contacted her on Wednesday and needed the portfolio by the end of Thanksgiving weekend and she pulled it off and got it to me Sunday afternoon. AMAZING service. Thank you SO much Lana!

SPENCER T.     ★★★★★

Los Angeles, CA


I found Lana when I needed some help getting my business started. She was really accommodating and helped to change the way I approached marketing myself. Lana has ridiculous business acumen, and her work ethic is inspiring. If you're just starting out, want to get some fresh eyes on your ideas, or just interested in the possibilities of a more successful future I recommend giving her a call.

ANDREW D.     ★★★★★

Long Beach, CA


I have hired Lana for different projects for my real estate business. She has done a great job paying attention to detail when marketing properties. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone who will go the extra mile for you! Thanks Lana.

JOSEPH L.     ★★★★★

Oak Brook, IL


Lana killed it at the fashion show. This girl really knows how to work under pressure. Our event was a very last minute product launch and I remembered Lana from an event she co-hosted in Santa Monica with a good friend of mine. I called her a week before and asked her if she could come to Chicago and help coordinate the design and social media, definitely expecting her to decline with such short notice. Just my luck she had those days off as she was beginning her vacation, she made a special trip out here before her actual vacation began. She's got a great style and knows the perfect moments to get pictures of. One of the best I have worked with on design and THE best I've worked with on social media. Still can't believe she was able to get out here and pull it off like magic in less than a week's notice! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

EDWIN G.     ★★★★★

Lawndale, CA


I was extremely pleased with the consulting and brand marketing services Lana provided. I direct and manage poker tournaments in DTLA and needed help coordinating and marketing one of my major events. Lana was nothing less than amazing! Extremely friendly and attentive to what needs to get done. She was always easy to reach for any questions. Was able to use her contacts to get my name and brand out there. Extremely professional when dealing in all of our business meetings. I look forward to working with her again. 
I highly recommend her if you need your brand or business marketed! She is also great for coordinating events. 
Thank you Lana!

LISA C.     ★★★★★

Detroit, MI


Lana is great! I had the honor of her help with a business consultation and she help me set up a sports event and work conference for that event, both in Los Angeles, in less than a week's notice. She is very responsive and is always willing to go that extra mile. Her direction during our consultation was very eye-opening and she continues to help whenever I reach out to her. She also has a hand in the real estate world and was able to refer to me to a great agent who knew the area I was looking to relocate to, so if you are in need of real estate too, reach out to her and her friend Thomas! Grateful Lana was able to recommend someone who is so knowledgeable; it is very comforting when two separate businesses can recommend one another. They were both very helpful, quick at answering my questions, and continued to include each other in all communication and work together to help me with my inquiries.
Will definitely reach out to both of them in the future! Thanks Lana!