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Lana Mercedez PR accepts submissions on any topic related to lifestyle, business, education, arts, culture, real estate, fashion, food, travel, health, sports, and fitness. We accept your writing at any length, for online publication. Any article submitted to us must be original and exclusive to Lana Mercedez PR. We will not consider article ideas, only finished products.

Submissions should be sent to info@lanamercedez.com with the subject line "Reflection: [title of your article]". Submissions not sent to this email address and with this subject format are not likely to be reviewed.

We often receive a surplus of submissions and only publish a small amount. We do our best to review all submissions in a timely manner. Lengthier articles take longer to evaluate. We reserve the right to edit all submissions for clarity.

Prospective authors are required to disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest or bias, including but not limited to any financial interest in any product, firm, or commercial venture relevant to their submission. Failure to do so will result in prominently placed corrections or rejection of article submission altogether. We ask that any work cited or quoted be clearly credited to the appropriate originator. Please allow us ten business days (i.e., excluding weekends and holidays) for us to review your work. Please do not submit follow-up emails inquiring about your submission's status. If you have not heard from us after fifteen business days, feel free to submit your article elsewhere.