Karli Shrubsall

"Bald is beautiful... never be ashamed."

Karli is 19 years old, living in Creston, British Columbia. Just this year she was diagnosed with stage 3 Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

To Karli: You give fight a good name. I admire your drive to spread awareness and your determination to continue exploring life. We've all taken the "little" things for granted and maybe didn't make a move on something until it was crunch time. I know you have hard and even harder days but you wear that smile of yours well and you rock bald even better. It gives me so much joy to see the support system that you have. The optimism of you knowing you will get through this battle is contagious. Even on your worst days you look beautiful girl, keep fighting! ♥


Posted: 10/21/15

Interview Date: 10/11/15

How were you diagnosed?

I found a couple unusual lumps on my neck. I made numerous doctor appointments until they finally requested a CT scan and a biopsy of my neck. After the biopsy was done they ordered surgery immediately to take a full lymph node out. After looking at the results they came back with the news that it looks like lymphoma. I then had PET scan to discover exactly what stage I was at and what type of lymphoma I have.

What were your initial thoughts and reaction when you were diagnosed?

I was shocked and I didn't think it was true. I was in denial and constantly waiting for the doctors to tell me that they were "just kidding".

Is there a family history of cancer?


After being diagnosed, has your perspective on life changed?

I have. I've noticed that not every little thing is as important as I once thought. Life is way way too short and I've become more thankful for what I have and for what's to come. I feel stronger about life and its obstacles I am facing.

What gives you strength and motivation?

Other cancer patients and everyone else who has gone through what I am going through. They give me motivation and inspire me to be my best. That is partly why I am doing this, I want to help and motivate others.

Who is your support system and how have they supported you?

My family has been my support team as well as my friends and the many others in the community I live in.

What is your treatment process and what is your perspective on it?

I am doing chemotherapy drugs. ABVD and I do 6 cycles, 2 treatments per cycle, I am currently half way through!! I go every second week. It's tough because the week I start to feel better after the chemo I have to prepare myself to do it all over again.

What words do you have for ones afraid to get checked?

DO IT! It's so much better to catch this before it's too late. Better safe than sorry... Check yo self.

What advice or message can you provide to those who have been diagnosed?

We're all in this together. It doesn't matter what type or what stage of cancer you have, we're all here for each other. If you're struggling, don't try to handle it alone. Seek help from others that are in similar situations. It really helps in tough times. Never give up. 

If you would like to reach out to Karli, contact her via Instagram at karlishrubsall.