Publicity representation


what is a publicist?

Publicists have 3 essential goals; publicize, seal, and liaise.

Publicists build and manage reputations of individuals, brands, services, and products. They use marketing and communication strategies to promote positive public opinions about their clients. They correct information that may be perceived incorrectly and ultimately transcended negatively about their clients, and promote quality and tangible information in place of it. They also act as a liaison for their clients and their business relationships to maintain assurance and cohesion.

Writing and communicating is a publicist’s main function: they are the link between their clients and the public. They influence press coverage on behalf of their clients, utilizing tools such as social media, press releases, publicity campaigns, proposals, newsletters, and various industry events. An effective publicist develops excellent media contacts, as cultivating relationships with journalists will help them to place stories in the press.

what are the differences between agents, managers, and publicists?

Agents look to find their clients jobs and negotiate the terms of that employment for the ultimate well-being of the client. For example, an agent finds gigs for actors and bands.

Managers provide career guidance; they assist in marketing oneself, organization, and essentially advising you on particulars as well as the best route to them. For example, you may have a manager that advises you that it is best to accept a gig in a different state, they may then facilitate that action by arranging specifics such as travel and payment for their client.

A publicist will be the one to make your arrival in that state known, it is strategically done to notify the public of your appearance and influence your audience to attend your "gig". They manage your relationships with the media and public.

In short, agents are primarily for a specific industry and are there to land their client's jobs; managers provide guidance and advice as to what are the best career choices for their clients; publicists set out to "publicize", assist in media & public communication, and provide creative direction throughout the entire process.

PR Representation consultations range from $250 - $500.


This lesson experience strictly consists of multiple facets and possible platforms in order to publicize and liaise. Each element desired will be broken down into detail and analyzed individually. Additional elements may be available at an increased modification of pricing.


Basic features include:

  • Snapshot | Clarity Consultation
  • Business Analysis | Proposal Projection
  • Publicity or Interview Projection
  • Tailored Creative Direction
  • Press Releases | Liaison Communication


Retaining Package

$2,400 - $3,600/month for first 3 months. 15-20% per project; retaining fees may remain at $1,800-$2,200 to maintain steady client position.

3 month loyalty - 10% package saving

6 month loyalty – 20% package saving

Please contact us for a customized quote as you may be eligible for a lower rate based on publicity tier.