Q1: How do you balance being present in the moment and planning for your future?

A1: For one, I have to leave those moments knowing that something was accomplished, if it is business - I want it to end with a problem solved or a new idea conceptualized, if it is my personal life - I just want there to be enjoyment. If I can walk away from every interaction having learned something, mission accomplished. I think the single most important thing in staying present is knowing the difference between planning for the future versus worrying about it. Great example - say you are planning an outdoor party in October, it's a beautiful time of year - leaves are changing colors, it's warm with a slight breeze. The weather starts getting a little muggy and you get worried that it could rain on the day of your event. You start letting this worry consume your mind. This takes us out of the present moment and takes us somewhere else - in a state of panic about something we don't even have control over. The correct way to handle this situation would be to eliminate the worry, and plan. Plan what you would do if it did rain on the day of your event. Once you work out this plan, your mind is free of worry and clear to live in the moment with whatever it is that you are doing. If you can be proactive about what could go wrong instead of being reactive to your anxieties, being present in the moment only gets easier.


Q2: What are some things that you think about when planning for your future?

A2: My goals for my health, family, spirituality, and finances. I think about the things I am passionate about, what things challenge me, who I admire and why, what things make me happy and what things bring me down so I can adjust & live life accordingly. I focus on how hard I am willing to work to get I want, what my biggest accomplishments are, who/what I can/cannot live without. When thinking about my future, I make a conscious effort to invest my time in things that add value to my life instead of things that take from it. I stay optimistic but still plan, not worry, for situations that may not go as planned. You know that quote "happiness is a journey, not a destination"? I live by that, everyone should!