We are a firm believer in "different strokes for different folks". What is best for one business may not be the best for another. Certain social media platforms that benefit one industry may not always benefit another. So with this element, it is all about showcasing you as an individual, showcasing your brand, enhancing your understanding of the market, broadening your network, and keeping up with your audience & the times.


As your MARKETING CONSULTANTS, we want to…

1. Showcase YOU as an individual !
What is the perception that your clientele has about you professionally? You want them to want to form a business connection and trust your reliability more than just considering what it is that you have to offer. For example, if you are a real estate agent, is it not more important for your client to respect your honesty and efficiency than having a desire to purchase that million-dollar home? They may not have the budget for that million-dollar home, they may not like it, or they just may not be ready; but if they are intrigued by your professionalism and enjoy your work ethic, well then you still have the opportunity of maintaining that client.

2. Showcase your BUSINESS or BRAND !
How is your brand different from any other brand? Maybe you have your own clothing store, yes there are tons of clothing stores all over the world… but how is yours different? Is it inviting? Is it always clean and organized? Are the aisles wide enough for comfortable shopping? Are there enough cashiers working to maintain a continuous flow of customers? Or let’s take another approach… let’s say you are about to open your own bakery? There is also 3 other bakeries within a 2 mile radius of yours. What is going to make yours stand out? Is your bakery providing certain products that the other 3 bakeries do not offer? Do you have longer hours of operation? Do you offer a variety of health options for your products like gluten or dairy free? Look at your brand or company from your client’s perspective.

3. Enhance your UNDERSTANDING of the market so you can envision your own ideas !
Once your business is up and running, it is natural for things to occur that you did not anticipate or for you to have ideas that you wish you had in the beginning. Don’t stress it! Business is all about constant evolution. Keep a list of those ideas, make a list of sales patterns and what you should be producing more of in your business. Keep track of when your business is the busiest… maybe that is the best time to really market your upcoming sale or a new location of your business that is opening. Proactive marketing goes a long way versus a basic advertisement on a wall or in a flyer box. When your business is at a slower point, how can you bring more people in? What would you want to see? Is there diversity? Ice cream is great but how are you going to keep business booming in the winter like you do in the summer?

4. Broaden your NETWORK !
Lend a hand to others, you make connections by getting involved; community interaction, business luncheons, charity events, industry parties. Provide your expertise and lend a hand to those that could benefit from your services. You create those bonds and business relationships so that both parties can help each other. Continue to maintain these relationships and utilize them as well so you can help them market. For example, you have your own brand of sports clothing… you use a certain distributor more than you do other ones. You market the company you use, now you have helped them and next thing you know they are marketing you and your great brand of clothing. You both then are bringing business in for each other!

5. Understand your AUDIENCE and the TIMES !
Know your audience, not just your clients. Your audiences are prospective clients, ones that may or may not even know that you exist but are very much a potential to be a client. For example, you just came out with your own brand of wine… your audience are those that have never purchased your wine or may not know that your wine exists. Well how are you going to pull those individuals in? Marketing! This ties back into how you are different… maybe part of your audience does not even like wine. Well maybe you have a wine different from any other, all because of one main ingredient. You market that and it becomes intriguing to that audience. Also, be practical about where you market. For example, back to real estate, you own your own vacationing business, you just purchased a 10million dollar income property in Miami Beach, do you want to market it to residents of Miami beach or residents of other areas possibly nowhere near a beach, where they actually have a desire to vacation at one? Another example is to know that business demands are constantly changing; social media, technology, style, economy, etc. how are you going to keep up with the times? You must be constantly adding to your business schemes and how you market them. You just developed this great new app for a phone... well before you know it that phone has come out with a new version, you want to already be ahead of the game and working on that updated application. By doing this you are creating and maintaining client relationships, continue to build and manage those; because if you lose your client base… you essentially lose your business. Always stay one step ahead and anticipate what is to come, if you can imagine it, it is possible!

Basic Marketing may range from $64 - $120 per hour + any necessary external costs. 


This continuum experience consists of an ongoing collaboration of marketing and/or public relation services in order to enhance a brand or business. Additional elements may be available at an increased modification of pricing.


Basic features include:

  • Snapshot | Clarity Consultation
  • Proposal | Presentation
  • Website Enhancement | Photo Retouching
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Content Writing (website, brochures, flyers, etc.)
  • Content Production (videos, photos, social media posts)
  • Marketing (materials, events, internal & external, partnerships, publicity)
  • Strategy (maintenance, struggles, “mission assignments”)
  • Social Media Management | Website Drive
  • Uncovering Hidden & Neglected Opportunities


Retaining Project Package

4 Payments – $3,840.00 - A retaining package consists of a reservation of services in order to enhance and maintain the efficiency of a brand, business, or project.

3 Payments – $3,456.00

2 Payments – $3,072.00

Don't need all that's included? Not a problem, send us an inquiry with what you need and get a custom quote!