Consulting exists in every industry. A consultant is a person who provides expert advice professionally.

is consulting right for you?

With consulting, it is a step toward actually enhancing your business. You will be constantly challenged and asked to do things that you may have never done before. What you must always remember however, is that it requires more than just the desire to do it to succeed; your effort is required.

what are 3 key ways consulting can help you?

  1. It can help you to manage that particular area of your business. Consulting will not only teach you basic skills of that service, but also how to know if you are hiring the correct employee to take over that service of your business.
  2. Part of a consultant's job is to ask you a ton of questions - to get your mind working and your creative juices flowing. The end goal is to get you inspired while helping you to  fulfill an obligation - whether it be a particular project, new work style, or simply a better understanding of that feature. A consultant has already been exposed to a variety of other industries - also dealing with similar things you may be focused on - design, crisis, strategy, etc. Take advantage of their experiences and pick their brains. You may learn a new skill or gain a better understanding of your industry, and that is a huge benefit to your professional development. A good consultant does not want you to be dependent on them. We will never tell you that you do not need to know how to do something, we are here to help you but also want to encourage you to learn along the way.
  3. Utilize a consultant as a mentor. In order to build this type of relationship, make sure that the consultant knows your goals and how he or she can help you achieve them. Reciprocate by being as communicative as possible. A consultant can only help you to achieve your goals and aspirations as much as you allow them to.

i need help managing, not just consulting...

There are 3 different roles we can take on to assist you in Business, Branding, and/or Marketing...

  1. We are the innovators. This is for you if you or someone on your team will be responsible for implementing the strategies that we provide to you. We consult with you and provide suggestions and guidance as to what may work for you; for example we may provide you with a social media strategy and then your assistant takes over the role of posting to various platforms. This may also be a better option for someone or does not have the time or interest in learning strategies but has time to manage posting, or has an employee that can do it for them.
  2. We are the executors. This is for you if you or someone on your team will be responsible for creating strategies and curating content, and you just want us to implement it for you. With this being said, we take pride in committing to work that we believe in and if our styles differ too much, we will communicate that to you so that you may find someone best suited to assist you. This may also be a better choice for someone who knows strategies and can gather content but just does not have the time to implement them consistently.
  3. We innovate & execute. This is for you if you need someone to help you manage both creating the strategies, curating content, and implementing them. This obviously would be the more costly option, however if you do not have the time or interest in curating content, learning strategies, and cannot implement them either, this would most likely be the best option for you.